GINO is...

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A healthier alternative to traditional ice cream (lower % fat)

An artisan process with gelato produced freshly on site

We use state of the art Italian equipment which is key for consistency & quality

Strong heritage & rich history associated to a premium product
GINO chefs have over 50 years of gelato experience between them

Exclusive recipes of and collaboration with world famous 1st Italian Gelato Champion

In Italy gelato is an art form encompassing great tradition, we bring the best in gelato culture to the U.K.

GINO is associated and resonates with "Italy" but is also memorable, incisive and appeals to a wide audience
Use only 100% natural ingredients and 100% fresh milk

Source best available natural local ingredients and only top quality raw materials to meet our exacting standards

Promote consumer perception towards a natural product & environmentally conscious business

Free of additives, colourings, preservatives, flavourings and no ready made bases or pastes
Delight with favourite classics along side exciting and exclusive flavours

Combine finest traditions of gelato making with our novel production techniques and recipes

Original approach to all facets of the business aiming for excellence on all fronts

Make a top quality hand made product at a price point accessible to a wide audience