GINO’s tubs

Our award-winning classic favorites are also available in beautifully branded 500ml retail tubs.

Staple flavours like chocolate, vanilla, strawberries & cream are complimented by our best selling nutty duo of pistachio and hazelnut as well as our uniquely smooth and intensely chocolaty chocolate sorbet, a real treat with a very low fat content.

Our family of Real Italian Ice-creams can’t wait to meet you…

Vanilla Classica

Respect the Classics! Gelato aficionados are moving from their dalliances with more exotic flavours to classic vanilla. We can't think of a better way to appreciate the 100% fresh milk used by GINO and the superb, smooth texture of the resulting gelato than this.

Chocolate Sorbetto

Guilt Free! You'll find it impossible to believe that this is decadent, intensely chocolaty sorbet is made without milk or cream, and with less that 3% fat is as rich and velvety as any chocolate ice cream. It's perfect guilt free serving to guests who are dairy-intolerant watching their waistlines, or as an indulgent treat for any chocoholic.

Chocolate Divino

Purity of Flavor! If the idea of chocolate ice cream makes you think of the insipid, almost pink-hued industrial versions, think again. This gelato delivers a powerful hit of delicious Belgian chocolate rich, intense but not overpowering. The quality of ingredients make this flavour stand out as the distinct purity of 100% fresh British milk harmoniously blends with authentic Belgian chocolate.

Pistachio Perfetto

Just Perfect! Sicilian pistachio nuts are slightly longer and thinner than those grown in the Middle East, and the region's volcanic soil gives them more powerful flavour, for which they have achieved notoriety and an almost iconic status. Ground to order by our lovely Sicilian suppliers, this wonderful, rich gelato has all their flavour but none of the bits that would get in the way of its velvety texture. World famous chefs have praised GINO's pistachio, a flavour awarded by the Guild of Fine Foods with 2 Great Taste gold stars.

Hazelnut Paradiso

Heavenly Treat! GINO sources the finest hazelnuts form some of the oldest groves in Italy, where they are roasted and ground. If compared to our Pistachio Perfetto this flavour is milder, more subtle and delicate. This refined yet pleasantly rich gelato embodies all those qualities, and is the perfect foil for some of the intenser flavours.

Strawberry Magnifica

Monumentally Awesome! Think of the events that epitomise the real English summer: the Wimbledon tennis championship, Henley Regatta, Royal Ascot – none would be complete without sweet, juicy strawberries. This light and intense gelato is simply bursting with the juicy flavour of real strawberries, making it the perfect ending to a summer celebration meal.