Gelato - wholesale gelato london

We strive to produce gelati and sorbetti of exceptional quality by using only the freshest 100% natural ingredients which are carefully sourced from the best producers around the world (our hazelnuts are from Piedmont, our Pistachios from Bronte at the foot of Mt. Etna, and our chocolate of the finest Belgian variety).Not only this, but all our gelati and sorbetti are made daily, in order to reach your palate in optimum condition….no compromise! We give a GINO twist to our finely-honed classic Italian gelati and sorbetti recipes – whilst our adventurous side loves to experiment with almost any ingredient, creating very unique flavours, fast becoming true trademarks of GINO.

Sorbetto - wholesale gelato london
Look out for the ‘Best of British’ specials like our Guiness sorbetto and ginger & chocolate, or treats encapsulating the essence of Tuscany like Di-wine (Vin Santo e Cantucci) and our award-winning Chianti & Chocolate – exclusively developed for GINO by internationally renowned 1st Italian Champion of Gelato, Palmiro Bruschi. Give us three days notice and we can create virtually any flavour of your choice (subject to seasonality, min. order of 5 litres).