It’s been quite a journey to get here – one that we’ve managed to pack into 18 short and exciting months of dedication, passion and drive. Before that, bringing the best gelato you’ll ever taste to London was just a dream!

Our journey took us the length and breadth of Italy (a number of times) to select our innovative equipment

and premium ingredients to ensure that GINO brings a little taste of the Amalfi Coast and Tuscany to the UK. Whilst we are protective of gelato’s rich heritage, we wanted to embrace the future by blending traditions that have stood the test of time and have characterised Italian master gelatieres for centuries with the best that technology can offer. Using state-of-the-art (and environmentally-friendly) equipment, we produce artisan gelato of unparalleled smoothness. By carefully controlling the pasteurisation and maturation process, we are able to consistently guarantee a perfectly silky texture (farewell unpleasant lumps!).On the road we’ve also had the privilege to make some good friends and forged strong relationships with the best gourmet suppliers out there. The daily deliveries of carefully sourced fresh fruit and 100% fresh British milk are all the convincing we need!

With each of our made to order flavours whipped up in GINO’s gelato lab every day to ensure supreme freshness, authenticity and unrivalled quality of our gelati and sorbetti, we’re touched – but not completely surprised!

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